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College Savings for HS

The Dahle Family, West Side Endowment, and West Side High School are happy to announce a unique chance for students enrolled in the Personal Finance class. We hope all students will participate and commit to establishing beneficial, life-long, financial practices. 

As a Personal Finance student, you are encouraged to open an IDEAL 529 account using the IDEAL is a 529 college savings plan designed to help individuals and families save for college and is administered by the Idaho College Savings Program Board.

Students could also open a Roth IRA and qualify for the $500 match donation. Here is a link on starting a Roth IRA.

Students enrolled in the Personal Finance class, click here for more information about the $500 match college donation. 

This Scholar’s Edge Calculator can help you estimate how much you should save.

Public Endorsements

“That was the easiest, fastest $500 I’ve ever made! Personal finance class should be a requirement for every student and signing up for the 529 a no brainer.”

-Parker Henderson Class of 2022

“Signing up for a 529 account through the Dahle match fund is a way for my kids to have an extra $500 automatically added to their account. The website is straightforward and easy to navigate. It is a great opportunity and blessing

-Jessica Henderson – Mother

“This scholarship may seem complicated but if you just buckle down and focus for a little bit it is way worth your time! The process is not hard and it is a free 500 dollars! Just think of how many hours it takes you to make that at Wendy’s, and then think about how you can make 500 dollars by filling out some papers. You won’t regret it! I sure don’t!”

Marissa Clawson – Class of 2022

“Parents and seniors, this scholarship is very easy to apply for. Take advantage of it, the Dahle family is not only generous but overall looking out for the success of our kids.”

Kristy Clawson – Mother

“I’m so grateful for this program. Out of any of the scholarships I received this process was the easiest.”

Jocie Phillips – Class of 2022

What a simple process!!  We plan on participating with each of our children.”

Amy Phillips – Mother   

“The 529 account is a life saver. This program was first presented to me in my Personal Finance class and I was persuaded to get it started. At the time I didn’t understand the importance of setting aside money for college. Now that I am a college student I am so grateful I took this opportunity that was offered to me in high school. It’s a great feeling today to know I only have to worry about my personal expenses and not how to pay for books. My only wish is that I would have known about and set up the account earlier.”  

Jessica Mariscal – Class of 2022

“The personal finance course and investment match offered by the Dahle Family changed the way my daughter, Jesse, looked at money. As she went out and found her first paying job, she was careful with her spending and mindful of her investing. She was excited about saving as much as she could. And she did. Personal finance should be a required class for all high school juniors/seniors as they prepare to head out into the “real world “. I dare say it was the most important and useful class Jesse took at West Side High School. The principles she learned have had a lasting impact on her as she started college. I only wish that we would have known about the investment aspect of the class while all of my kids were still in elementary school. As a parent of little kids, it is hard to clearly see the future,and you are surprised when it is suddenly staring you in the face. I intend to do better now that I have learned from Jessie’s experience and look forward to seeing the results in the future.

Jenn Mariscal – Mother

We are so grateful for the Dahle matching grant to our 529 savings account. The savings account was very easy to set up and the 50% match was a great contribution to Bekah’s college expenses.”

Bekah and Jill Ward

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